Pioneers Contact Center Service

Pioneers Contact Center Service



A one-stop shop for Contact Center services provided by Pioneers Outsourcing, which includes the contact center system and professional services such as Quality Assurance, Workforce Management, Scheduling and Multi-skill agents. In addition to integration capabilities with your internal systems like CRMs.
Whatever your requirements, we are ready to help. Our engineers and operations experts work to design a solution that meets your unique business requirements. You never have to worry about upgrades and maintenance with your contact center solution, our team will take care of that for you while you focus on your core business.
Terms and Conditions

The hiring and training period is 10 days from request submission.
You can cancel your Managed Manpower add-ons at any time during the pilot period (first 3 months). Otherwise you must apply 30 days notification before cancellation.

AVAILABILITY 99% Uptime Guarantee




Private Branch eXchange (PBX)

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Calls Recording

Customer Feedback

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Dashboard Management


Auto Dialer

Workforce Management

Quality Manager

Integration Capabilities




Payment Plans


Full Costs







Available Addons


Basic Plan Extension

Professional Plan Extension

Video Calls Channel

SIP Channel

IVR Tree

Managed Manpower (Arabic)

Managed Manpower (Arabic\English)

Operation Supervisor

Quality Supervisor


To extend your basic subscription

To extend your professional subscription

To make outbound and inbound video calls.

To add more DID or DOD channels extra to the original subscription to send/receive number of concurrent calls

Interactive voice response - Is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad

Qualified caliber (Customer Service, L1 Technical Support, Telemarketing, Telesales) Male or Female

Qualified caliber (Customer Service, L1 Technical Support, Telemarketing, Telesales) Male or Female

Contact Center Supervisor who manage the team performance and maintain/sustain the Key Performance Indicators and adhere to service level agreement and quality standards

To monitor and evaluate calls as per quality assurance international standards along with scoring sheets and quality accuracy errors. (Critical, Non-Critical, Compliance)


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